Class Dojo at Bryan

What is class dojo?

Class Dojo is a communication app that connects teachers, families, and students. Not only does it track behavior, but it can also be used to send messages and share photos/videos of the amazing things that happen throughout the school day. Learn more at

Why are we using class dojo school-wide?

At Bryan, EVERY student is the responsibility of EVERY adult in the building. No matter where your student goes or who your student is with, Class Dojo will allow everyone to reward your student for their positive actions.

What does this mean for my student?

Daily student behavior will be tracked via the app. This allows families, students, and teachers to keep track of the many amazing things that happen throughout the day.

How can I use class dojo?

Download the app. Sign up. And you're set! You can...

  • Message teachers
  • "Like" photos and videos that are shared
  • Stay connected about school events
  • Track your student's behavior

Below is a list of ways your student(s) can earn Dojo Points throughout the school day.

Class Dojo Points for Parents