The History of Jane H. Bryan Elementary School

Following the Civil War, Phoebus became the home of veteran soldiers and freed slaves. The town also created opportunities for its students to develop and open new businesses. The school is named for a prominent Phoebus citizen, Miss Jane Hamilton Bryan.

Born in Liverpool, England in 1864, Miss Bryan received her education in England and Germany. After receiving her certificate from the College of Preceptors, London, she moved to what was then Phoebus, Virginia. "Miss Janie", as she was affectionately known, and her sister, Elizabeth, started a kindergarten and primary school in their home on South Mallory Street. In 1902, she began her teaching career in the public schools, where she devoted herself to teaching the primary grades. Teaching for thirty-six years, Miss Bryan taught three generations of citizens in the town of Phoebus and the surrounding area. She was also active in community activities and in Emmanuel Episcopal Church, where she taught Sunday School for fifty-seven years. Miss Bryan died in 1946. In recognition of Miss Jane H. Bryan's contribution to public education, our school was dedicated to her on November 13, 1955.